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Take the #FundHonestParty Challenge in three simple steps:

1. Donate online through Credit Card / Debit Card or Net Banking.

2. After donation, a form will pop up where via email and FaceBook, Invite your family members-near and far, school friends, college friends, playing friends, partying buddy, office mate, neighbour and urge them to take the challenge.

3. Share your donation certificate on FaceBook and tag your friends, your alumni networks, your friend networks, your family members, etc. through the link on the form.
After you invite them, call your friends and request them to take the challenge and keep pursuing until they donate and further pass the challenge. Keep following with your invitees until you get minimum 10 people to donate.

For donation by Cheque or Cash, Please Click Here for pick up facility.

If you do not want to donate but would like to invite friends through email and post on FaceBook then Click Here.

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